IELTS is no longer needed! Take the LanguageCert exam at home.

For those students who want to get enrolled in any educational institution in New Zealand, a mandatory criterion is a certificate in the international IELTS Academic exam with the necessary passing score (from 5.5 to 6.5), depending on the level of the planned professional program.

Such international exams as IELTS are available only in specialized admission centres. Candidates are required to be tested only in person, having applied for the test in advance, within a framework of the general exam schedule at the test centre.

Currently, due to the unstable epidemiological situation in the world, exam and training centres have suspended their work for an indefinite period, postponing exam dates. In this regard, there is a large list of candidates who want to take their tests, waiting for the centres to continue working after the quarantine.

Our company NZ Study Trips provides a unique opportunity — to take an online international exam LanguageCert, as well as to receive an intensive online exam preparation course!

NZ Study Trips. LTD is an accredited online learning centre of LanguageCert.

LanguageCert exam results are approved by any educational institution in New Zealand (on a level with IELTS Academic). The exam results can also be applied in the enrollment procedure in educational institutions in the UK, China, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Germany, the USA and other countries.

LanguageCert  — is an international online English language exam approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Education NZQA.

LanguageCert like IELTS, evaluates four aspects: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. 

LanguageCert Exam Assessment System:

  • If you want to be part of New Zealand professional programs (Diploma or Graduate Diploma Level 5-7), you should pass the C1 Expert IESOL (LRWS) exam and get a PASS — 50% in each aspect (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking);
  • To get enrolled into New Zealand professional programs (Postgraduate, Masters, and PhD Levels 8-10), you should pass the C1 Expert IESOL (LRWS) exam and get a HIGH PASS — 67%, provided that you complete at least 50% in each aspect (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking);

Advantages of LanguageCert in comparison with IELTS Academic:

  • LanguageCert is approved by the NZQA, allowing you to be enrolled in any university in New Zealand and educational institutions in many other countries.
  • There is no difference between the Academic and General modules! LanguageCert is based on General English and does not require a student to learn a complex vocabulary of Academic English.
  • There is no scoring system in each module of the exam:

          Pass (50% correct answers) is the equivalent of IELTS Academic 5.5-6.0.

          High Pass (67% of correct answers) is the equivalent of IELTS Academic 6.5. 

  • In IELTS, despite the overall satisfactory exam score, if the result in one of the modules is not sufficient (at least less than 0.5 points), according to the university entrance requirements, the IELTS certificate will not be approved, and the entire exam will have to be retaken. In LanguageCert, you only need to get a PASS or a HIGH PASS.
  • LanguageCert consists of two parts: Written Part (Listening, Reading, Writing — 3 hours 10 minutes) and Speaking Part (15 minutes’ exam interview), which can be taken at different times convenient for the candidate or retaken separately for 50% of the cost if one of the modules has not been passed well enough.
  • The Listening module is presented to the examinee twice! Not just once, as in the IELTS exam.
  • You might expect a quick receipt of the exam result within THREE working days. 
  • There is no specific exam schedule and long waiting list. A LanguageCert test can be taken ONLINE, that is, a candidate may take it from home, from a PC, at any time convenient. 
  • LanguageCert is based on the general knowledge of the candidate, obtained in an ordinary English language school (General English); however, it is possible to pass the IELTS Academic for the required high score only after a long specialized preparation for the exam. Often, candidates cannot successfully pass the exam from the first time because of the very stressful atmosphere in the exam centre.
  • It does not take a long time to prepare for the successful completion of the Language Certificate! It is enough to take our intensive online course LanguageCert Preparation on weekends (two days, 10 academic hours long), on Saturday + Saturday + Sunday at a convenient time in the time zones of New Zealand, Kazakhstan and Russia (Moscow).
  • The entrance requirement for a student to get enrolled into the LanguageCert Preparation online course is the knowledge of English at the Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate level (approximately equal to IELTS 5.0).

Exclusive offer from NZ Study Trips!

Two-day online course in LanguageCert Intensive Preparation!

The online preparatory course includes general information about the format, structure, tricks and traps of the LanguageCert Expert C1 exam.

The student will receive knowledge and practical skills:

In Listening: the ability to understand the audio recordings of the exam; follow the instructions and recognize exam tasks and connected speech; identify the key points in audio information to answer correctly.

In Reading: the ability to understand long, complex texts, recognize semantic differences and the main thoughts of paragraphs of texts on different topics.

In Writing: the ability to structure candidate’s thoughts well, understand the task, detail and argue the answers of the topic set in the exam.

In Speaking: the ability to recognize the mood, intonation and meaning of the examiner’s questions. The student will have the opportunity to practice their skills in structured answers to the questions posed.

Curriculum content:

10 academic hours (1 academic hour lasts 45 minutes) of classes in an online class + Mock Test (all modules: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing);

  • 1 hour of Listening
  • 2 hours of Reading
  • 2 hours of Writing
  • 5 hours of Speaking
  • 6 hours of extracurricular self-training (Homework).

The Mock Test is a total of 4 academic hours, including: 15 minutes with a teacher — Speaking online interview and the rest of the modules independently, at any time convenient for the student;

Training schedule for the LanguageCert Preparation Intensive.

Days of classes: Saturday + Saturday and Sunday for the Mock Test (Homework — between Saturdays).

School day schedule:

New Zealand time zone — from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm (studies from 5.00 to 6.30, 15-minute break, studies from 6.45 to 8.15 then 15-minute break, and the last session is from 8.30 to 9.15);

Moscow time zone — from 8.00 am to 12.00 (studies from 8.00 to 9.30, 15-minute break, studies from 9.45 to 11.15 then 15-minute break, and the last session is from 11.30 to 12.15);

Kazakhstan time zone from 11.00 am to 15.00 (studies from 11.00 to 12.30, 15-minute break, studies from 12.45 to 14.15 then 15-minute break, and the last session is from 14.30 to 15.15);

The cost of exam and study:

  • Exam Package. The cost of the online exam LanguageCert C1 Expert (without a preparatory course) is 290 NZD (200 USD).
  • Half-Exam Package. The cost of retaking one part of the LanguageCert C1 Expert (Writing part или Speaking part) — 145 NZD (100 USD).
  • Only-Study Package.Study course LanguageCert Preparation Incentive (10 academic hours + Mock Test) — 185 NZD (130 USD), NOT including the cost of the final exam for LanguageCert.
  • Study + Exam Package. Study course LanguageCert Preparation Incentive (10 academic hours + Mock Test) — 450 NZD (310 USD), including the cost of the final exam for LanguageCert. NB: The cost of the final exam will be — 260 NZD (180 USD) which is 10%OFF.

We are always happy to help you be successful in the shortest possible time and achieve your dreams most profitably and effectively!

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